Welcome to the Design in Mental Health Network’s website. The word ‘network’ is important – our organisation was founded by a small group of concerned individuals back in 2006 and continues to grow. The DiMHN is a not-for-profit, social enterprise company with charitable aims and is open to anyone with an interest in the design of mental health facilities. We do mean anyone – from architects to nursing staff, from building contractors to service users. If you’re interested, and everyone should be, you’re welcome.

We’re driven by one critical fact: design matters. It isn’t a nice to have, or an optional extra, but is vital to the well-being of everyone who works in, or uses the services of the mental health sector. Step by step, conversation by conversation, action by action, we are making a difference. We are learning from everyone and improving safety and patient outcomes. If you can contribute, please do. Our network will be stronger for your input.

Design: an opportunity to make a positive change. Let’s change things

AGM PAPERS 2019 – Please be advised that these papers are available via admin@dimhn.org. 


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