Dudhope House: Using product design and functionality to cut recovery time

NHS Tayside’s new 12-bed CAMHS unit was fitted with Safehinge concealed door closers throughout, using a range of closing options to accommodate the needs of different users.  The result – a safe environment, real practicality and consistent, homely styling.

The unit staff and designers created a modern, recovery-focused environment which emulated the home environment.  For example, the wanted service users to be able to choose whether to keep their doors open or closed, while retaining ease of access, observation, and fire compliance.

Safehinge’s freeswing door closer was chosen as the best option for bedrooms. Its neat, concealed design incorporates anti-ligature and anti-barricade features. In normal circumstances, it functions exactly as any domestic door would, but automatically self closes if there is a fire alarm. And recognising that mental health environments can see challenging behaviour, it has an internal braking mechanism to prevent damage.

Corridor doors were fitted with E-MAG hold-open and standard mechanical closers – providing the best of both worlds for every type of door without compromising on safety. With high quality, durable fixtures throughout and a simple, non-institutional style the unit now has the best of both worlds – a safe, secure environment and the therapeutic benefit of user choice.

The result?  Average stay has decreased from 120 to 45 days – demonstrating the vital role of design and functionality in recovery.