Retiring DiMHN Chairman Jenny Gill

After 15 years involvement, and 7 as Chairman, Jenny Gill has decided to retire from the Board of the Design in Mental Health Network. While sad to lose her talent, knowledge and experience we are delighted Jenny has accepted the honorary role of Chair Emeritus.

Tributes and recognition of her role in the expanding reach of the Network were quick to come from her fellow Board members and the wider community:

“Jenny, your support and dedication to DIMHN, to take it from its infancy to where it is today is to be congratulated and admired. You have been an excellent Chair and will be sadly missed. All the best for the future and keep in touch.”
Phil Barsby, Director of DIMHN and Intastop

“It seems like a lifetime ago that we first worked together. Your passion for creating better mental health environments has always been evident to me, long before my joining the Board.

The reach of DiMHN continues to expand, and the depth of knowledge and expertise on the Board also grows thanks to your influence. The Board is now more diverse with strength in research and expertise by experience, as well as design and manufacturing. Your contribution to DIMHN has been tireless, and your ambition for the Network to improve care settings continues to influence all of us on the Board.

Thanks for all your hard work over the years Jenny, a few words don’t really do it justice.”
Cath Lake, Director of DIMHN and P+HS Architects

“During my short time on the Board with the DIMHN I have seen first-hand how important and inspirational your influence has been over the strategic direction of the organisation, as well playing a leading role in getting it to where it is today.

Your commitment to providing the best possible care to patients, whilst also focusing on the development of environments and products that enhance their lives, is evident in all you do for which you should be congratulated.

Thank you for your guidance and friendship, good luck with all your future adventures.”
Trudi Beswick, Director of DIMHN and CEO of Caudwell Children

“Jenny, It has been a real pleasure of working with you on many schemes and initiatives nationally over the last couple of decades, I feel sure that all of the hundreds (possibly thousands) of staff and service users who have worked in and been supported in their journey to recovery, in those newly created environments, have benefitted from your in-sight and championing of what is right, to create therapeutic and supportive facilities for all. Your leadership of DiMHN is testament to your complete commitment to improving mental health environments, you have been a real champion in the truest sense of the word. Jenny, thank you for your leadership, in-sight and friendship. I have nothing but admiration for your energy, drive, enthusiasm and principles. Wishing you all the very best in your retirement from the DiMHN Chair.”
Rosemary Jenssen, Director Deveraux Architects

“Best wishes for the future Jenny. There have been quite a few people who have worked really hard to get the Design in Mental Health Network up and running initially, and then on to becoming the significant and relevant organisation it is now. However, It is my belief that you have made the most important individual contribution of anyone. Thanks for all your hard work and your steely determination to get things done. It was a pleasure working with you.”
Clive Stone, Former Director DIMHN and Primera

“It is a great pity to lose such knowledgeable and talented individual from the Chair of our organisation. I wish Jenny all the very best for the future. I am certain that she will not twiddling her thumbs for long before finding another vent for her valuable strengths.”
Kevin Gorman, Former DIMHN Director and Chairman of Britplas

“Sincere congratulations and heartfelt best wishes on your semi-retirement Jenny! Your passion, insight and enthusiasm during your time as Chairman has been an inspiration and you embody everything that is good about the network. You leave the role with the network stronger, more diverse, and more influential than when you started and you should feel rightly proud. In a precarious industry that is dominated by tight budgets, vfm, and programme pressures, you remind us all why we do this job in the first place and why the end product really does matter. On a personal level I am grateful for all the encouragement and advice you have given me over the years, both professional and personal, and I wish you nothing but happiness and wellbeing in whatever you decide to do next. Till we meet up again in the ‘hopefully’ not too distant future.”
Andrew Arnold, Director – Gilling Dod Architects

“It was a real pleasure to support your leadership for my first term on the board of the DIMHN Jenny. Your passion for good design of mental health environments is contagious as I am sure most of our members have recognised over the years.

Enjoy your helicopter view and see you soon.”
Alex Caruso, Director of DIMHN and AC Architects

“It is clear that the Design in Mental Health Network would not be where it is today as an internationally recognised organisation, without your commitment, drive and passion. If someone mentions the DIMHN, your name usually follows, (and carpets in bedrooms!) and as a Board we will strive to continue the amazing work you have led for so many years.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your guidance, support and friendship over the years and I wish you the very best of health and happiness in the future.”
Jon Campbell, Director of DIMHN and Estates Director of Manchester Foundation Trust

“Jenny, it’s hard to imagine you not being at the helm of Design in Mental Health Network. Your leadership over the years has been an inspiration, and unwavering. You’ve always pushed for better, without compromise – creating a positive impact for years to come for the many who will spend time in mental health facilities. We are lucky to have better spaces for mental health recovery with gratitude to the initiatives you’ve led – from the Better Bedroom, to the design guides and the world class conference programme which has helped us all become better designers. And this thank you goes beyond my role on the board, but into my work life – your feedback and insights have helped shaped our product design strategies.”
Philip Ross, Director of DIMHN and Safehinge Primera

DIMHN has to respond and adapt to an ever-changing environment, while holding true to its core values. Its members and leaders guide it accordingly, and we are currently in a time of such change. Jenny Gill has been with us since the early days, and has been instrumental in DIMHN developing the position of strength from which it will go forward. Values need to be translated through actions into outcomes, and Jenny has been an organisational powerhouse in this regard. Our achievements owe much to Jenny’s energy, determination and commitment. Our association is a long and proud one, and this is our opportunity to say thank you.”
Joe Forster, President of DIMHN

“Jenny, thank you for your passion, service, and stewardship. Our first meeting in December of 2011 with Andrew Arnold at Gilling Dodd’s office provided an eye-opening realisation of the force that DIMHN already had assembled in the interest of mental health service users, designers, caregivers. I had never seen the likes of it anywhere. You have harnessed your community and diligently worked to guide DIMHN to become a collaboration of ever-increasing value; one that is incomparably beneficial from my cross-Atlantic perspective. Thank you for your valued work and for being a welcoming resource to all of us; even those of us from other places and countries. I look forward to seeing you next June at the conference!”
Frank Pitts, Principal of Architecture +